We as a people are well – known to love the online casinos. It is something of a blessing and something of a curse.

When I meet a new person, I know he or she or sometimes both or neither takes one look at me and thinks ‘now there is someone who loves the online casinos’. In some ways I am a little tired of it over the decades, it is a stereotype and that can be bad but the real truth is that I do, I do, I do love the online casinos.

Luck is luck. It cannot be courted or cajoled. It cannot be threatened or coerced. It will visit you at the wrong times just in time to be too late. It will show up at your door with a collect call from a long-lost chance, and sweep you away into a perilous but ineffably wonderful adventure of horseshoes.

You never know until you did. But the online casinos are better at this than the big old casinos made of bricks and mortars. For one thing, there’s no carpet unless you want it, and even then you get to pick the color. For another thing, this is not the hotel, nor the buffet. You sleep and eat when and where you like, but no comps. If you’re into online slots, you can find excellent review and referral sites that will take you to a large number of seemingly perfect slots – marvelous colors, brilliantly animated, even better than the slots at brick and mortar casinos. My fav is online-casino-party.co where they update their listings frequently so they’re never out of date. And with a large selection of top notch slots, I really can’t resist. Check them out if you don’t believe me.

I never did figure out how these folks figured me out. It is not like I stand around screaming it from the rooftops. I have been known to spread the word about them from time to time but what person in their right mind would not take the positive information they had obtained and shared it with the people they cared about? A madman, that is who. A crazy person who cared not for the savings of others but only about themselves… If it’s wrong to share this caliber of news with those you hold dear, I just don’t want to be right.
Let’s face it, we have all been to those brick and mortars to spend a little of our free time and rarely if ever did we feel satisfied that we got our money worth. Now please understand that I am not insane… (Still to be determined) It is not like I expect to win every time I enter a casino. I know that they were not built on winners but what I do expect is that I get to spend a little time and have a little fun while I am losing my money. I might also like to get the feeling that I have a chance to win once in a while… It seems more and more that it is just not the case there which is why when I found out how awesome these online Casinos were, I jumped all over it.

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